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Q075: Are you aware of your influence on young Japanese? How would you like to influence people through your music? (Is there a "political meaning" to AMT's music? Have you ever intended any of your music in the spirit of protest? How do you feel about the jeitai's involvement in Iraq?).

A075: To begin with, my music has no message. Music is simply music, no more and no less. If you wanted to find some message in it, perhaps it would be that I want people to find some sense of the secret of music through it. That's all. I have no idea and no interest in whether my music exerts any influence on the young. It is as much as I can do to create my music to the fullness of my abilities, and I have no time to consider its effect on others. Neither have I ever wanted to influence anyone else. Of course, I do have personal political beliefs, but I have never tried to express those beliefs through music and I do not think that music should be used for such a purpose. Of course I am aware that such music exists, and putting the message aside, there is some of that type of music that I enjoy. But if I do enjoy it, it is purely on musical terms, not because I agree with the message it is trying to express. If I ever wanted to express a political message, I would find some means other than music.
In the case of war, those involved doubtless have their own reasons for doing so. Perhaps it is inevitable that there should be conflict between people of different races, religions and social systems, and natural that the excuses for conflict should follow parallel paths. Once enmity has been given birth to, it cannot easily disappear and through the educational process can be carried over to succeeding generations. It is easy enough to oppose war, but once we ourselves are sucked into conflict and embrace hate, then will we not ourselves come to desire war?
However, if those who start wars and those who fight on the frontline were the same people, I believe that there would far fewer wars. In the present day at least, it seems that it is far to easy for people whose lives will never be put at risk to start wars.

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