Acid Mothers Temple "soul collective"
Frequently Asked Questions Q&A053

Q053: There is a definitive psych-freak-out-etc. feeling behind everything that you do, but most notably the music and art. What prompted this "21st Century Freakout?" How serious do you take the ideas of the psych movement (communal living, drugs, flying dolphins, whatever)?

A053: All is image, and nothing other than image. Maybe it sounds interesting because English is not my mother tongue. Neither my group names nor my track titles have any meaning. They're all used for their sound, or the images they invoke, or as jokes. Music needs no words. For me, words are just jokes. What is psychedelic anyway? For me what the word psychedelic means no more than the ruined shell of drug culture. Or many self-conscious idiocy? But if the mere use of that word is enough to make people interested in my music, then I am happy to use it. And I am happy if people choose to misunderstand what I mean by it. Anyway, are there any musicians who choose to categorize and define their own music? Doesn't categorization mean the end?

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