Acid Mothers Temple "soul collective"
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Q050: What is like to play live in AMT? Are there distinctive songs to begin with, and how much (if any) improvisation is happening?

A050: AMT is primarily improvised, but we do have some pieces which are like jazz in that they have a theme. To me, improvisation means an act that simultaneously combines composition, arrangement and performance. I believe that this is the true and original form that music once took. I believe also that music has its own autonomy, and particularly in a live situation it is important that we respect this autonomy and not try to restrain the music. The day, the place, the audience - as long as these three elements exist then a performance can never be repeated, nor is there any necessity to do so. Even for our pieces which have a theme, we have no idea where they will go once we've finished playing that theme portion.

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