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Q045: can you explain your idea of the cosmic principle and further than you have already? what does this principle mean to you, in your goals as a musician and your day-to-day life? Is this cosmic principe always tied to music?

A045: I would like to come to know the cosmic principle, but then what would knowing it mean? What would change through knowing it? Galileo and Copernicus expounded the idea that the earth moves through space, but in terms of daily life what difference does it make if the world is round or flat, or if the sun moves or the earth moves? (Aside of course from the problem of Catholic doctrine at that time). Even to such a basic doubt as to whether the universe actually exists or not, I have not been able to gain a clear answer through the experiences I have had over the forty years of my life. In terms of knowledge my brain contains information that defines what the universe is, but it is all just theory as no one has been there. People continue to doubt the truth of whether Apollo 11 actually landed on the moon.
I am a believer in now existing religion, and the one place my soul finds comfort and in which I believe is the universe I myself have created (by which I mean neither nature nor creativity). If the world in which I now live is part of that universe then my refusal to believe in it would mean that I must deny even my own existence. The philosophy that says that everything is nothingness is coherent in its sophistry, but even this requires a minimal level of consciousness of self (if for example the world was a dream, then it must exist as a dream) so I remain naturally unconvinced. I am convinced by the idea that all that is cannot conceive of the significance of its own existence, and thus I believe in my universe. If we were to suddenly understand the significance of our existence, life would certainly become more boring but I cannot believe that it would become more interesting. The question that we all ask - why do we exist (or why were we given life), is in fact a meaningless one. If I have the time to waste in fretting and worrying about existence, I would much rather use that time to live each moment as fully as I can. I'll start to think about the reason for my existence in the last three seconds of my life. If I die without working it out, then what does it matter? I do not believe in any life after death (your so-called heaven and hell). Rather I believe in the circle of life and rebirth (in a somewhat different way to buddhism), so when I die I merely head towards my next rebirth.

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