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Q034: My first question sounds so: Do you compose poetry or prose? If yes where can one find it?

A034: I have absolutely zero interest in lyrics. So they are all just improvised nonsense, sometimes using Japanese, sometimes English. For Japanese musicians of my generation who grew up with a lot of imported Western music (particularly rock and trad), we heard the lyrics as just one more instrumental texture. There is nothing that I want to express through the lyrics, and I have no message I want to transmit. Music is ‘sound’, not ‘words’. And after all, lyrics are only words that get affixed to songs ­ if the sound is good then ugly lyrics will be forgiven. But if the sound is ugly, then no matter how good the lyrics are, no one will want to listen. Beyond the music there is nothing extra that I want to express or transmit through words, and in fact sometimes words can get in the way of the music. If I wanted to express something through words, I would have chosen a different, more suitable medium. If hypothetically there were some message that I wanted to express through my music, I would need to express it through sound itself. Sound is a format that allows me to speak more eloquently than words.

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