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Frequently Asked Questions Q&A#019

With regard to side projects and collaborations, my impression was that AMT tracks are composed collaboratively as well, but within the group structure. You mention in one interview that you regard yourself as the producer but not the leader, as the group members must be allowed to contribute their own strengths and weaknesses. How are AMT tracks composed then? Each is credited to different band members and guests. I imagined that when members were together in the studio you would record 'spontaneously' with whoever was there and then assemble tracks together from this base, maybe blending in other sounds and intros afterwards.

Our recording process is basically to improvise the broad structure of the songs, then to overdub stuff later. The line-up depends on who's available on the day. So I suppose you could say it's down to fate, since we don't adjust the schedule to try and fit in with everyone's plans. It's different every time - sometimes people just happen to be back from travelling, or other people just happen to visiting at the time. When I'm making an album, I believe that some power comes into play and it provides me with these chances. When the music itself wants to take a physical form, it summons the people necessary to create it. When I talk about improvising the basic structures of the songs, what I mean by that is tuning into and recreating sounds from the cosmos. Our music isn't something that we create in our heads, it's something that we are able to tune into when we have completely thrown off our individual consciousnesses.
Of course, there are times when we are able to hear the cosmic sounds with almost perfect clarity, but also times when we can't. But in either case, when I'm overdubbing I try to get as close to the original form of the cosmic sounds as I can. This is quite hard though - if I try too much, then it becomes harder to lose my sense of self. At times like that, sometimes I just trust implicity the music's own independence. One way I do that is to take all the various tapes that the group members have sent me, and overdub them on top of the basic track using the operation of chance. That's one way of making sure that there's no part of me that's trying to mould and shape the music. All I do is select which tapes it is that I'm going to use. Everything is entrusted to chance, and I just layer the tapes on top of each other. In most cases, they synchronize perfectly with the original track - you'd never believe that it was done in just one take. It's as if all the tapes had been made deliberately for that one track... I believe that this kind of fate is something that the music creates for itself. All that I could ever wish is for is just to be a channel between the cosmos and the music.

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