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Frequently Asked Questions Q&A#009

You mentioned that you think that trip music is totally different to psychedelic rock -- can you elaborate on the difference, for others? Many people, of course, will think that they are the same thing.

As I see it, psychedelic rock is a type of rock music that evolved under the influence of the drug culture. Both musicians and audiences heard those sounds while under the effects of drugs (though sometimes those effects were faked). Because of that, there's some wonderful groups from that era that accidentally peered into the abyss of music. However, most of it is happy with seeing the dimension that drugs have given access to, and it doesn't attempt to reach the next stage. Drugs are only a means to an end; they're only a first guide to the fundamental principles of the universe. The music that I refer to as trip music are sounds that move towards that cosmic principle. Trip music always contains, if only fractionally, some of those sounds of absolute purity that are related to the cosmic principle. Anyone who has glimpsed that next step on the path towards the cosmic principle, even once and irrespective of whether they're aware of it or not, will be aware of these sounds - even without the help of drugs. And those sounds themselves are a big clue towards finding the cosmic principle. Of course there are many things that are both psychedelic rock and trip music at the same time. But there are also many things that are just skilful imitations, and you have to be careful to tell the difference.

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