Acid Mothers Temple "soul collective"
Frequently Asked Questions Q&A#001

Why did you feel the need to form your own group? Was there a 'concept' behind Acid Mothers Temple?

Originally I had no intention of making Acid Mothers Temple an ongoing group. I started the group because I knew so many wonderful musicians who had no way of releasing an album (and in some cases, no desire to do so), and I wanted to give the world a chance to hear what they could do. The concept, in two words is "trip music". I have listened to all sorts of trippy psychedelic records, but I was never fully satisfied with them. So I began to want to create a really extreme trip music. It was also a great chance for me to try out all sorts of things in the studio, and so that first album is basically a solo record. I edited and overdubbed all these tapes of jam sessions we'd done, and ended up with something that is like musique concrete. That was why I never even thought about the group playing live. That record was really the first time that I realised my childhood dream of creating a music that fused hard rock and electronic music. And it's also that extreme trip music album that I always dreamed of making.

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